the lightbox. the darkroom. the developing tray. the white wall. the world. Totally in love with Silver Meadows by Todd Hido.... | imagemulsion


1) Image: (n.)

A mental, tangible, or visual representation or description.

2) Imagination (n.)

The power to form something never before wholly perceived. Creative ability. Resourcefulness. A creation of the active mind, especially an idealized or poetic creation.

3) Emulsion (n.)

A reactive suspension forming a coating on photographic media, responsive to illumination. The state of a substance when its particles are mixed with but undissolved in another substance. The place where converging factors coalesce into specific creation.

Imagemulsion. It's images, imagination, photography - and where it all comes together.
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Totally in love with Silver Meadows by Todd Hido. #photography #book #lustlist #rolemodel

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